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Probate Administration

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When a loved one dies, his or her family should consider probating the estate of the decedent.  In determining whether to open a probate file, next of kin should consider the assets owned by the decedent, whether there was a will and other factors.  Small estates can often be probated without the need of legal assistance.  Probate Court clerks are often very helpful in assisting with the probate action.  If you open a probate file without the assistance of an attorney, you should consider hiring an attorney for the limited purpose of drafting and filing the Deed of Distribution if the decedent owned land at the time of his or her death.  Lawyers can help with every step of the process from start to finish.  My office handles probate administration and I would be glad to talk with you about your potential needs.

To open a Probate Estate file, you need a Death Certificate and you should use your best efforts to determine if the Decendent had a Will.  If you would like to schedule a consultation, please be prepared to bring the certified true death certificate, the original will (if there is one), information regarding last expenses (funural home or burial expense), an itemization of unpaid medical bills and a list of all assets and liabilitites for the decedent.  Keep in mind that the more information you bring, the better I will be able to assess your needs and be able to help you.

If there is a Will, there should be a person designated as Personal Representative (sometimes referred to as Executor or Executrix), this person should make the decision whether or not to hire counsel on behalf of the estate.  All potential heirs have rights to notice and access to information.  If you are an heir to an open estate which is being handled by someone else, please feel free to call me if you feel that you need counsel or advice.

Evereyone should consider having a Will!  If you do not have a will or if you feel you need to make changes to your current will, please call me to schedule an appointment.  I do not charge for initial consultations.
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